High-Quality Food is An Investment For Your Body

In the OMM household we have been excited recently because of a recent change in a very fundamental area of our lives – food.

Up until a few weeks ago, we shopped for groceries that were, as a majority, processed foods or foods with artificial flavors or preservatives.  At our local Aldi, we always had an eye toward keeping our grocery budget in check and buying foods that we felt were decent for us, with a few obviously unhealthy treats mixed in.

That was all until we realized that, during our yearly check-ups, our blood sugar was higher than normal.  It was starting to creep around the edge of being straight up unhealthy.  Look, I’m 25, and I want to be around until I’m at least 85, hopefully longer.  After all, how else would I truly be Old Man Mase?

After watching a few documentaries on Netflix, Forks Over Knives and Food Inc., Mrs. Mase and I became convinced that changing our diet was something that needed to happen.  Now, we shop at a different grocery store with healthier options, and strategically cook meals that are based around eating a lot of fruits and vegetables (minimizing meat and dairy, specifically).


Honestly, eating veggies has never been something I’ve done on a regular basis; not since I was a kid anyway.  I feel bad now because I realize all of the good nutrients that I’ve been denying myself.  I mean really, especially in a time in my life of such abundance, why have I been putting loads of high fructose corn syrup into my body, in one form or another during almost every meal?

It’s one of those things where I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing, but kept doing it anyway.  Seeing my glucose numbers has helped motivate us to take action to eat better.

The thing is, this isn’t just about us.  It’s also about our future family – the kids, grandkids, and their families that we will have in the future.  We want to be around to spend time with them and create memories with them later in life.  So, instead of looking at eating well as a burden or a chore, I’m now starting to look at it as an investment in my future physical self.  If I’m not around when I’m in my 80’s and 90’s, I’ll lose out on all of the memories that I could have made during those years.  Not to mention, I’d also lose out on all of the material benefits of being alive when compound interesting is working the most in my family’s favor!

As part of this endeavor, I’ve also been tracking my weight to see how it is affected by these changes.  I’ve heard it said that weight is more driven by diet than it is by exercise, so consider this a test (I don’t do any hardcore exercise right now – just a few pushups every other morning).

So, consider this a reminder that every choice you make is an investment in your future self – in this case its physical.  Every calorie that I choose to eat or don’t eat – as well as the type of calories I’m putting into my body – is going to determine how I am physically in the future.  That’s not to say we’ve cut out delicious treats completely – we’re just drastically reducing the amount of sugar, fat, and artificial flavors that we eat.