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Hello there!  A few months ago, I announced here that I was taking a part time job delivering pizzas to help augment my family’s income (in order to pay down debt a little quicker).  Well, I must say that this is the first and will be the last pizza income report.

After hustling hard, ringing doorbells, packing bags, answering phone calls and riding around the city through the night, it didn’t take long to become painfully clear to me that the action I was taking was well-intentioned, but it was taking more away from my life than it was giving me.

Over the past few months I have been delivering pizza in my city on Friday and Saturday nights.  The good news is that I did indeed get some good tips.  These combined with my regular hourly rate gave me a respectable return for my time (though certainly not extraordinary – I’ll get to that in a moment).

The bad news is, holy crap, I was giving up my Friday and Saturday nights almost entirely.  On Friday I would wake up early and go to work, leave work mid-afternoon, and go straight to the pizza store.  I’d take my visor and shirt out of my backpack and get to work until the wee hours of the morning.  Mrs. Mase was a HUGE help with this endeavor.  For hours on end she would ride around in the car with me and help me navigate the city in order to increase my efficiency so we could get more tips.

I learned a lot in these eight weeks or so, and definitely improved my customer service skills (you meet ALL types of people in a job like that, believe me).  However, when it came down to it, I felt like things weren’t really going anywhere.  Yeah, I was making some money, but I was trading my life away for it.  I sat down and did that math and realized that I just wasn’t making enough to move the needle in our debt pay down marathon, especially at the price of valuable time when the Mrs. and I would normally go out on a date and enjoy our time with each other.

Ok, enough babbling…here are the numbers:


When I did the math, accounting for extra gasoline expense, I was making about $15/hour.  This really isn’t that bad, but to me it’s not super amazing either.  This is true considering much I really value my weekend time with my wife.  I came to this realization a few weeks into delivering.  Also, when I looked at how the amount of money we were pulling in with this side gig would affect our finances, it turns out it really only shaved off a six months or so of our payoff time.  Only six months!  Our intuition kicked in and we both realized that it was just not worth it given our situation.  But hey – I went out there and gave it a shot right?  Now, to think of less time intensive ways to earn side income…

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2 thoughts on “Pizza Income Report

    • Yeah it’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you have to deliver on weekends. It will bring in some extra cash for sure, but you pay for it with a lot of sweat and valuable time!

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